Pennsylvania Seamless Flooring
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A Leader in the Protective and Decorative Flooring Industry

"Our mission is to provide our customer with a well designed application.That will not only function long term, but at a fair value for their long term benefit. To constantly pursue continuing education to provide our clientele with the very best installation, that will meet or exceed their expectations."

We have been serving the industrial flooring and coating industry for over three generations.. 

We specialize in epoxy flooring and installing trench drains, meeting schedules and designing creative solutions to industry specific floor and drain needs. With over 30 years of experience we know how to create a floor to meet a budget and serve the purpose. 

Where resinous flooring and coating is concerned, we are your solution!

We always consider your specifications while still meeting requirements that are necessary to meet industry guidelines, as well as, HACCP, USDA and FDA requirements where applicable. 

We not only meet your specifically designed protective needs but also resinous flooring solutions, from chemical resistance and forklift traffic to anti-slip foot traffic areas. Serving Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food Processing, among others, HPS understand the importance of cleanliness and safety. Running a truly dust-free preparation and leaving the user with a seamless floor allowing customers the comfort in knowing that this truly is a leader in the protective and decorative flooring industry.

We are your turnkey solution to restoration projects, necessary to complete your scope of work without your need to coordinate a series of various contractors generally resulting in a scheduling nightmare. With majority of our experience  being in harsh conditions and production shut-downs We look to minimize time out of production and maximize your budget.

We encourage you to visit us at our "Past Project" portfolio to better understand our sense of commitment to excellence. 

Please take advantage of our complimentary on site specification and design work!